Automotive Social Leads

DealerCurrent has developed a proprietary social media interaction system called SocialCurrent. SocialCurrent allows DealerCurrent to “seed” content including text, images, video, and custom graphics in real-time to all of the key web properties with the proper coding to make each and every post unique and visible to search engines.

While almost every dealer now has a social media profile and/or fan page, DealerCurrent maximizes your return by including elements for Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, and many others, with every event you do, in every medium. automotive social media

We use relevant, engaging content throughout your social media presence every week, maximizing the reach of each message. In additional to huge gains in local branding and customer loyalty, you will increasingly see your social media content appear in search results for your store. Of course, if you don’t have your dealership present and active in social media, DealerCurrent will immediately create, customize, and publicize your accounts and profiles.

Get the most out of your social media.